Remote Medical Research Internship High School Program 


  • Summer Cohort 1: June 1 - Aug 31
  • Summer Cohort 2: July 1 - Sept 30

Join our 12-week program to gain experience and expertise in medical research!

The primary focus of the high school research program is to conduct clinical research and learn to write an academic research paper. Our student interns will be uniquely able to join a faculty member in completing a research project or case study. Research interns will also gain valuable insight into the research publication process, including opportunities to participate in co-authorship of research projects in journals.

Our interns work on research within diverse areas of medicine, healthcare, and public health, gaining invaluable experience.

Global Health Leader Benefits

  • Personalized letters of recommendation from medical doctors and Ivy League business leaders
  • Lifetime membership to the elite Global Health Leaders private group with access to extensive networks of medical professionals and startups
  • Journal, blog, and social media recognition published on multiple platforms.
  • CEU opportunities
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Executive Coaching
  • Gain hands-on medical research experience.
  • Learn from experienced professionals and build your skills and knowledge in the field.

Cost: $1,045

Additional Opportunities:

  • Payment Plans
  • Travel to the Dominican Republic (18+ years of age)

Call us at 480-788-0727 for more information about our remote medical research internships.