Frequently Asked Questions

Clinics:  How do you ensure safety in the clinics?

At Global Health Leaders, our clinics operate where we are welcomed and invited by community leaders. Ensuring a collaborative and respectful approach, our engagements are guided by local leadership, which may include mayors, pastors, unofficial community figures, or law enforcement. This commitment to community involvement and leadership presence is integral to fostering meaningful connections and providing healthcare services where they are needed most.

Clinics:  Where are your clinics located?

Temporary clinics are frequently held in parks, schools, churches or other community areas that have permanent structures with running water, and a bathroom.

Clinics:  How do you ensure cultural relevance in your medical care?

We prioritize local expertise and relevance in our healthcare initiatives. To ensure the provision of culturally sensitive and region-specific care, we collaborate with licensed local medical doctors who lead our clinics. Our student interns work closely alongside these experienced professionals, gaining valuable insights and contributing to the operational aspects of the clinics. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of healthcare services but also fosters a dynamic learning environment for our student interns.

Safety: How do you ensure the safety of your students interns?

Ensuring the safety of our participants is our utmost priority at Global Health Leaders. To achieve this, all students and staff stay together in carefully selected accommodations, typically secure properties with features such as gated entries and surveillance cameras. We collaborate with trusted transportation providers, and our team coordinates closely with local leadership and the community. This comprehensive approach not only creates a supportive and secure environment but also allows for meaningful engagement with the community while prioritizing the well-being of everyone involved in our programs.

Education: What kind of training will an intern receive?

Our students embark on a comprehensive training journey at Global Health Leaders, equipping them with the skills and knowledge essential for impactful healthcare service. This journey spans seven weeks of live online sessions covering diverse topics such as clinic workflow, vital signs, cultural competency, and more. The training involves engaging with seasoned professionals, including medical doctors and public health experts, offering insights into global health challenges. Beyond the virtual realm, students undergo hands-on, practical training during their eight-day international experience, working alongside local healthcare professionals. This immersive and holistic approach ensures that our participants are well-prepared to operate temporary medical clinics, understand cultural nuances, and contribute meaningfully to healthcare outreach in diverse communities.

Education: Are college credits available for this internship?

Our study abroad programs open avenues for academic recognition, with several esteemed universities, including NYU, Florida International University, Peoples University, and others, offering college credit for participation. To explore this opportunity further, we encourage students to engage with their university's career office or academic advisors. This collaboration ensures that the rich experiences gained during our programs contribute not only to personal and professional growth but also align with academic pathways, adding a valuable dimension to their educational journey.

Education: What is the duration of the internship?

Medical internships Abroad are 8-weeks long, including 8 days in the country and comprise approximately 100 internship hours. 

Research internships Abroad are 16-weeks long, including 8 days in the country and comprise approximately 140 internship hours. 

Research Internships Remote are 10-weeks long fully remote with no travel and comprise approximately 60 hours.

Cost: Why is there a cost for this internship?

The cost associated with participating in our study abroad program encompasses a range of critical elements that contribute to a transformative and enriching experience. This includes comprehensive pre-departure training, on-site mentorship by experienced medical professionals, logistics coordination, secure accommodations, local transportation, and the provision of necessary medical supplies for the clinics. Moreover, the fees support our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring respectful collaboration with local communities and leaders. The investment made by participants directly contributes to the program's overall success, sustainability, and the profound impact it has on both the students involved and the communities they serve.

Cost: What does the program fee cover?

The program fee covers a comprehensive array of essential components designed to provide a meaningful and impactful study abroad experience. This includes:

Pre-departure Training: In-depth training sessions to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge for their roles.

On-site Mentorship: Guidance and mentorship provided by experienced medical professionals and team leaders throughout the program.

Logistics Coordination: Organizing travel arrangements, clinic schedules, and all necessary logistics for a seamless experience.

Accommodations: Secure and comfortable lodging for the duration of the program.

Food: Three meals per day are provided to the students, including accommodation of dietary restrictions. 

Local Transportation: Transportation to/from the airport and the clinics daily. 

Medical Supplies: Provision of necessary medical supplies and medications for clinics, contributing to the provision of healthcare services.

Safety Measures: Coordination with local leadership, communities, and secure accommodations, including gated properties and security measures.

Cultural Experiences: Opportunities for participants to engage with and understand the local culture. Tourist activities chosen by the student are not included.

Community Collaboration: Support for ethical collaboration with local communities and leaders, ensuring a positive impact.

University Credits: Assistance in obtaining college credits, with partnerships established with various universities.

Program Sustainability: Contributions toward sustaining the program and its positive impact on both participants and the communities served.

The program fee is an investment in a holistic and well-supported study abroad experience that goes beyond medical service provision to encompass cultural immersion, personal growth, and community development.

Cost: What additional costs are there for the study abroad internships?

Students are required to purchase a airfare to the destination and purchase travel medical insurance (approximately $15-$40).  Students must wear scrubs of any type and closed toe shoes daily in the clinic. If the student does not currently have these, they will need to be purchased by the student as well.

Cost: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, depending on the date of acceptance and date of travel. 

Cost: Do you offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships.  We do offer $150 reimbursement on the program fee for students who refer other students who are accepted and join the program.  We have a list of over 40 study abroad scholarships that our program qualifies for and many of our students have had success with these scholarships as well as independently fundraising and seeking support from local philanthropy clubs.

Admission: What is the application and admission process?

Apply at or LinkedIn. Student applications are reviewed weekly and students who are selected for interview will receive an interview invitation via LinkedIn or email. Students who are interviewed are reviewed daily by the Internship Review Board and a decision is made the same day.  Students are notified by email if they have been offered or declined a position.  If they are offered a position, instructions for accepting the position are included in the offer email. 

Admission: What is the acceptance rate into your program?

For the December 2023 cohorts we received over 300 applications of which 45 students were accepted and traveled to the country. Approximately 20% of the accepted students are for the Medical Research Abroad program, the other 80% are Medical Interns.