Dominican Republic Medical and Cultural Internships

Upcoming Travel Dates

Dominican Republic

Summer Cohort 1: May 26- June 2, 2024

Summer Cohort 2: June 16-23, 2024

Summer Cohort 3: July 14-21, 2024

Summer Cohort 4: August 4-11, 2024

Fall Cohort 1: November 24-December 1

Winter Cohort 1: December 15-22

Winter Cohort 2: December 29-January 5


Summer: Dates TBD

Advance Your Career with Medical Internships

Win-win opportunities are real, and we are committed to making them available. When you volunteer your time, passion, and expertise to provide medical care and education to the nearly 648 million individuals living in extreme poverty, you will grow and stretch, multiplying your capacity for impact.

That alone is a win-win. We want to take that several steps further. You deserve it. As a graduate of the Medical Internship program, you will be widely recognized as a Global Health Leader AND have a life-changing, capacity doubling fun, immersive cultural experience.

What You Will Do During a Medical Internship

Medical interns will spend five days working with local medical doctors to provide essential medical care and one day providing community education of their choice and are immersed in a vibrant, unique, and welcoming culture. Travel with interns and medical professionals from around the world. Prior medical experience is welcome but optional.

Global Health Leader Benefits

  • Personalized letters of recommendation from medical doctors and Ivy League business leaders
  • Lifetime membership to the elite Global Health Leaders private group with access to extensive networks of medical professionals and start-ups
  • Journal, blog, and social media recognition published on multiple platforms.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Executive Coaching
  • CEU opportunities
  • College credit opportunities

Cost: $2395

(8-day program including food, lodging, cultural experiences, and ground travel)

Additional opportunities:

  • 3-Day All-Inclusive Vacation
  • Payment Plans
  • Possible FREE program as a Team Leader
  • DR Hospital Observation Day
  • Additional Medical Skills Training

We are here to help! Call our friendly and knowledgeable team at 480-788-0727 to learn more about our internship opportunities.