Leadership Fellows

Team Leaders Fellowship: Shaping Tomorrow's Global Health Leaders

Our Team Leaders Fellowships are for student interns seeking to go beyond conventional roles and emerge as influential leaders within Global Health Leaders. Team Leaders undergo specialized training modules, honing their leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. The curriculum covers effective team management, cross-cultural leadership, and crisis response, preparing them for diverse challenges. As integral figures during our study abroad programs, Team Leaders guide fellow interns through clinic operations, cultural engagements, and collaborative projects. Serving as the bridge between participants and program coordinators, they ensure a seamless and enriching experience for everyone involved. Paired with experienced mentors, Team Leaders benefit from personalized guidance and coaching sessions focused on professional development, project management, and effective leadership in global health. Engaging in a community impact project, they apply their skills to address health-related challenges, making lasting contributions to the host community. The fellowship also provides exclusive networking opportunities with professionals, researchers, and organizations in the global health landscape, fostering a supportive community for ongoing growth and collaboration. Join the Team Leaders Fellowship and become an integral part of a community dedicated to making a difference in global health, setting the stage for a leadership role in healthcare's future.